My birdhouse webcam projects

In 2020 we had a nest of great tits in our birdhouse. Hearing little birds tweeting we could hardly resist opening the box and having a look inside. Of course we didn’t since we did not want to disturb the birds. Therefore, in 2021 I installed a webcam in our birdhouse such that we could see the little ones grow without disturbing the nest. Since there is no power outlet nearby, I need to run this webcam on batteries. In my first attempt, I used a Raspberry Pi which drained the 20 Ah battery in less than a day. In a second attempt, I replaced (almost) everything with the ESP32-cam and a lithium battery. The main advantage of the ESP32-cam is that it has a deep-sleep mode. When it is set to taking a picture once every half hour, it lasts for more than 10 days. Read more about these two projects here: